Podcast Episode 52: The Freelance Writers’ Guide to LinkedIn Success

There are 11 million LinkedIn users in the UK, and 35% use the site daily.

This means that, as a professional networking tool, it is really invaluable for any freelancer.

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In this episode of the podcast, Lorrie and I discuss the crucial dos and don’ts for winning at LinkedIn social networking, including looking at:

  • how much self-promotion is appropriate
  • how to take advantage of LinkedIn groups, and
  • which subjects should never, ever see the light of day on the site.
76.9% of people use LinkedIn to research people and companies

so the potential for developing great relationships and contacts is huge. You don’t want to miss out on the connections you can make and the commissions you can earn, so listen up and get all the tips and tricks you need to make LinkedIn work for you.

Show Notes

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There are several ways to make sure that you don’t miss out on A Little Bird Told Me.

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